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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trump’s Welcome Course Correction on Cuba

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National Review  "Barack Obama’s approach to tyrants might have been described as “tough love,” except that there was never anything tough about it. He attempted to make nice with the mullahs in Tehran, giving them crates of cash in exchange for unenforceable promises about their nuclear program. But it was in his own hemisphere that he made the most gratuitous concessions. In late 2014, the Obama administration normalized relations with Cuba and lifted travel and economic restrictions to the island, some of which had been in place since the Kennedy administration. In the spring of 2016, President Obama visited Cuba, where he took in a baseball game with Cuban “president” Raúl Castro. 

"The only thing missing from the grotesque spectacle was a mojito."   Read more

Trump's Reimposition Of Sanctions Will Hurt Cuba's Communists — Good
" . . .President Trump is putting the pressure back on Cuba's odious communist regime, and they don't like it a bit, with Cuba complaining once again about U.S. intervention. But Trump really isn't meddling; he's merely undoing President Obama's awful mistake of giving Cuba's Castro regime everything it wanted, while getting nothing in return." . . .  Investor's Business Daily

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