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Friday, July 29, 2016

Many thoughts and comments on Hillary's speech

Hillary Clinton's speech with something for everyone . . . "(1) Her long list of what needs fixing may have left some viewers wondering if she was running against an incumbent Republican." . . .

The wench has a stench  "Watching the Democrats’ convention lionize Hillary Clinton gave me some sense of the way Moses must have cringed when he looked from Mount Sinai and saw his relatives and friends dancing around the image of a golden calf." . . .
"We can of course console ourselves with the thought that if not Hillary Clinton the Democrats would be gathering behind some other odious figure."
 Only a Democrat could believe Hillary  . . . "All this from someone who just barely escaped indictment because the FBI's Comey chickened out.  Here is a woman who covered up the rape of Juanita Broaddrick by her husband, Bill, who will be known as the First Defendant if, God forbid, Hillary wins."

Hillary Clinton Acceptance Speech
"After a rocky first day, the Democratic Convention showed signs of the benefits of Hollywood backing.

"Hillary’s acceptance night was slickly produced, and obviously geared towards “humanizing” Hillary." . . .

“Hillary Clinton took me through Hell.”
Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

How Hillary’s scary speech revealed her mistake in wearing a white pants suit to her coronation.  . . . "This wasn’t a convention. It was a series of character witnesses for a woman with no character. It was an extensive apology for the Left’s radical agenda cloaked in fake patriotism and celebrity adulation." Shoulda worn red.

Hillary Forgets Herself  . . . "But if you need a reintroduction to Mrs. Clinton, we will oblige: She is an opportunist without anything resembling a conviction with the exception of her unwavering commitment to abortion, a “public servant” who along with her husband grew vastly wealthy exploiting her political connections and renting access to everybody from Goldman Sachs to Vladimir Putin, a petty, grasping, vindictive, meretricious time-server whose incompetence and dishonesty have been proved everywhere from Little Rock to Benghazi." . . .
. . . "the years in which Mrs. Clinton’s husband was occupying the Oval Office and bothering the interns isn’t much of an argument for investing her with the most powerful political portfolio on Earth."

From RedState: The Hillary Speech: A Decent Plan, Poorly Executed
" . . .This night was the first night the Democrats put together a lineup that had even a passing chance of connecting with the current mood of the country, even though it was somewhat lacking in big names. It was serious, it focused on national security, it landed brutal blows against Trump." . . .

Bill Clinton caught napping during Hillary’s historic nomination speech
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MS. CLINTON RESETS  "I wondered what Madam Hillary and her cornermen would do to make sure she didn’t suffer one of her patented coughing fits last night in the course of the the biggest speech of her career. I would guess they must have done something, but I’m still wondering what.
"At the Daily Wire, Robert Kraychuk makes a related observation: “Clinton noticeably cleared her throat twenty-two times. In and of itself, it could be written off as temporarily being under the weather….She seemed to have deliberately timed her throat clearing during manufactured applause directed by her audience managers.” 

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