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Friday, July 29, 2016

Oscar Rodriguez: Flag Folding Speech Enraged Authorities for Mention of God

Maggie's Notebook  "Rt. MSgt Oscar Rodriguez, Jr. was known for more than the medals he so humbly wore. Our soldiers cannot say the word God and our FBI, CIA and police cannot say the words Islamic Terrorism, or as we’ve heard today, ISIS, even when quoting from a jihadi’s own words . Authorities removed actual quotations from official documents in the aftermath of Omar Matten’s attack in Orlando and released the sham to the public. See the videos below."

The flag folding speech:

The physical removal of Oscar Rodriguez:
"Members of MSgt Rodriiguez’s own command came to the retirement ceremony, assaulted him and removed him from the ceremony for daring to mention God in his speech. (Second video below)"

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