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Friday, July 29, 2016

The National Bolshevik Association

Background: THE NBA ENTERS THE BATHROOM WARS  "The 2017 NBA all-star game, which was scheduled to be played in Charlotte, will be played elsewhere. The league is moving the game to protest a North Carolina law. That law, among other things, nullified a Charlotte ordinance that required businesses to allow transgender individuals who have not taken surgical and legal steps to change the gender noted on their birth certificate to use restrooms based on their own gender identification. Businesses can still allow transgender individuals to use the facilities of the gender they identify with, but are not required to permit this." . . .

Mike Adams  

The National Bolshevik Association

"Rep. Robert Pittenger of North Carolina has written one of the best letters (below) I’ve ever seen come from the pen of an American politician. It was written to National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver and thus stands little chance of getting a response. Since the letter was so good and will probably get no reply, I thought I would offer the kind of rebuttal Commissioner Silver would offer if he really had personal integrity and a character for truth telling. He has neither. So here goes:
Dear Mr. Silver:Last week, I met with constituents from China who outlined the Chinese government practice of forcefully harvesting vital organs as part of their oppression of religious minorities. Meanwhile, the NBA will start selling tickets for preseason games in China next week.Is the NBA implying that China’s abhorrent violation of basic human rights is acceptable, but North Carolina saying men shouldn’t use the girl’s locker room is a bridge too far? What is the NBA’s true priority? The unmistakable hypocrisy is clear to me.Please justify how you can be engaged with a country who [sic] has flagrantly violated human rights with forced abortions and selling vital human organs. There seems to be a gross lack of judgment and moral clarity.Sincerely,Robert PittengerMember of Congress
Prof Adams' depicted NBA reply is at the link and includes these excerpts:
"We are not a liberal organization. We are a leftist organization. That is an important distinction. It translates into a wholesale support of communism on our part. And that includes communist regimes with histories of so-called “human rights abuses.” We do not share your belief in the inherent dignity of individual human beings."
Furthermore, no “creator” endows these rights. They are given instead by the state. If the state gives these rights then the state may take them away. 
  . . . "Undoubtedly, many reading my mocking response will dismiss it as pure parody. But reality in 21st century America is getting hard to parody. I invite critics to offer a different ideological interpretation in order to reconcile the NBA’s respective treatment of North Carolina and Communist China."

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