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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"How to survive a terrorist attack? Top anti-terror cop reveals the tactics you should adopt to escape – and why hiding behind a desk is a really bad idea

UK Daily Mail  "Terrorists are massacring innocent civilians across the western world, and although the chances of getting caught up in the next attack are small, few people are prepared.
"Britain is currently on a 'severe' threat warning, and horrific atrocities have already been carried out in France, Belgium, and just recently the United States. 
"The latter charged Afghan-born Ahmad Khan Rahami with planting bombs in New York and New Jersey on Saturday, injuring 31 people, and the risk of lone-wolf attacks has never been higher."

. . . "Detective Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson, appointed National Counter Terrorism Co-ordinator, Protect and Prepare, teamed up with MailOnline for an exclusive hard-hitting video setting out nine life-saving tactics.
"The top anti-terror chief, who has worked with the Metropolitan Police since 2003, said you need to act fast."


1. You need to stay alert but not alarmed
2. There is no point staying to negotiate
3. Get yourself away from the danger zone
4. Try and hide within a building behind steel doors
5. Use properties where you can barricade yourself in
6. Don't hide behind a desk or a normal wall
7. Keep quiet
8. Ring 999*  (*911 in the US)
9. Get detailed information out there as quickly as possible – how many offenders? What type of weapon? Any casualties?

. . . "In the mock event the 'suicide bomber' shouts 'Allahu Akbar', for which the force had to later issue an apology.

"The police were then accused of 'bowing to political correctness' after angry commenters online believed they were right to make the exercise similar to previous ISIS planned attacks. 
London police have recently been kitted out with heavy-duty weaponry to combat terrorists
"London police have recently been kitted out with heavy-duty weaponry to combat terrorists"

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