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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


E. Williams  


"Never in history has there been more insanity in the field of journalism than in our present time. The industry is drowning in reporters and news anchors who insist on telling us that what we have seen with our own eyes is not, in fact, what happened. Fortunately for us, they can correct the past.
"The latest example of this type of journalism is the recent collapse of Hillary Clinton when she froze up, in some sort of possible seizure or other neurological event, while trying to get into a van. A seizure is now the leading symptom indicating a pneumonia diagnosis. Medical textbooks are being updated at this moment.
"According to today’s mainstream media (MSM), Mrs. Clinton “stumbled” while trying to climb into the van. Forget what your own eyes saw in the video shown around the world. Generally, stumbling involves catching one’s balance quickly, followed by looking around to see who saw the stumble."
Excerpt: ". . . Pearl Harbor attack – A surprise attack by the Japanese on US military forces took place this morning in Hawaii. President Roosevelt has already apologized to Japan. The cause of the attack is not known at press time, but it’s extremely likely that America deserved it.
The Holocaust – Adolf Hitler, in no way connected to Nazism, has opened up recreational parks in Germany, catering exclusively to the Jewish population.  . . ."

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