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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Philadelphia Eagles, NFL, ESPN and Guilty White Liberals: Go to Hell

Baron Von Kowenhoven  "The Philadelphia Eagles squared off with Chicago Bears in Chicago tonight (Monday) – in SOLDIER FIELD – Illinois’s largest war memorial.. Yet some of the Eagles still chose to protest the National Anthem.
"In a sacred place to Veterans everywhere in America. Everywhere in the world."
Shame on that texting flag holder while we're at it

"Before the anthem, the little unqualified, but cutie ESPN/ABC girl, gave a sweet little report of the important planned protest – never once mentioning Veterans or the sacrifice they’ve made so she can have her little broadcasting job."

rlcdad petco med

"That’s me on the right and on the left – a guy who fought for your right to be a complete a--hole. Good job."

Texas Shop’s Display Is BEST EVER Counter-Protest Against NFL Punks


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