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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Democrats Grind Senate’s Work to a Halt Over Comey’s Firing  "Democrats have gone from demanding former FBI Director James’ Comey’s resignation or dismissal to being puffed up with such outrage that the president has fired Comey they have decided to grind Senate work to a halt by cancelling or postponing meetings  . . . for a whole day.  This is their way of protesting the “lack of an independent investigation” into Russia’s alleged election meddling." . . .

How about they do it again tomorrow? And maybe next week?

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Trump Cans Comey Like A Boss   . . . "But his “Free Pass for Hillary” press conference in July was perhaps the most transparently horrific decision by a Justice Department official since Janet Reno decided that she had to burn down the Branch Davidian compound to save its kids. Here’s the thing about Comey – he was arrogant. He was so arrogant that he took for himself the power to ignore the law because he determined, by himself, that if Hillary was treated like every other non­elite citizen the outcome would somehow be wrong. Voters might vote incorrectly if Hillary was held accountable and Comey, in his surpassing benevolent wisdom, could not allow that. 

"His press conference did incalculable damage to the American People’s faith in the rule of law. But he’s special, and his most­favored­felon treatment of fellow elite alum Hillary and her cadre of crooks was just professional courtesy. " . . .

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Mark Steyn  "I'll say this for the suddenly departed FBI honcho James Comey: He's caused enough cases of whiplash to collapse Obamacare before the end of the week. The left in particular likes its cardboard heroes and cartoon villains drawn in bright Sharpie colors, and Comey insists on jumping back and forth between one role and the other like a movie stuntman leaping the roofs from northbound to southbound train. 

"Comey's not going to charge Hillary? What a stand­up guy! The very model of a dedicated public servant! 

"Comey's re­opened the Hillary investigation? What a partisan hack! He's just thrown the election to Trump! This is literally a police state!

"Comey's investigating Trump's ties to Russia? Thank God! This career civil servant is all that stands between us and that fascist dictator! 

"Comey's fingering Huma Abedin for forwarding emails to Carlos Danger? God, this Trump stooge won't let up, will he? 

"Trump's fired Comey? How dare he? This is a crisis for the integrity of our institutions... 

"Not surprisingly it's hard for these poor folk to keep up ­ to the point where Stephen Colbert had to rebuke his audience for cheering his announcement that Comey had been fired. That would have been the appropriate reaction had Obama done it circa November 1st last year. But now it's a constitutional outrage. " . . .

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