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Thursday, May 11, 2017

North Korea: An eco-friendly Hermit Country from Above (Photos)

Find North Korea in this photo:

LiveScience   Dark and Light  "If any image can tell the story of North and South Korea in one frame, it's this shot taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station in January 2014. The nighttime view shows South Korea lit up with electric lights. Seoul is so bright as to be nearly washed out. With a 2017 gross domestic product estimated at $1.4 trillion by the International Monetary Fund, South Korea is among the dozen most prosperous countries in the world. North Korea's GDP is estimated at around $25 billion. According to one 2016 estimate, the per-capita GDP of North Korea was $1,013 in 2015, lagging behind even undeveloped countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh."

Dark and Light

There it is!

Empty country

Hat tip to James G. Needham

"Kim is all the light we need! We love him and all he has done for us!"

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