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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Birth of Hollywood Virtue-Signaling

Nowadays, the movie ads are required to feature a beautiful, dominant woman in the foreground. She who must never be bested by a male in any way, physically, intellectually, nor athletically.

National Review

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. . . "In the Heat of the Night is not what you’d call a subtle movie. There isn’t a lot to chew over here. Assuming you already know racism is wrong, there’s no compelling reason to watch it in the first place. It’s so obviously an inferior work of art to the best films of 1967 that its recognition by the Motion Picture Academy seems an undeniable example of proto-virtue-signaling. In its eagerness to advertise its moral rectitude, the Academy overlooked the monumental films and rewarded a minor one. From then on, the quality of a film had to be weighed against whatever Hollywood’s political urges of the moment were." . . .

Living through the civil rights struggles in the 50-60s and being from a Jim Crow culture, I loved this scene and still do. (The white Hollywood Southern accent notwithstanding.)TD

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