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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The corruption of Democrat politicians and the fecklessness of Republicans

The Republicans shrink in cowardice before political opposition just as Obama did with America's enemies.

Comey’s Firing and the Delicate Sensibilities of Senator Schumer  . . . "Mr. Comey reportedly has a net worth in excess of 11 million dollars – $10,894,000 more than I had when I was fired. I sure wish Chuck Schumer and the other breathless defenders of James Comey, who are complaining about the timing, the means, the lack of notice, etc., had cared about the way I was treated. But no.

"This is what Schumer said to me, in front of his entire staff, including his Chief of staff, Anthony Wiener: “We knew you weren’t anti-Semitic, but hey, your people did not defend you.”
"Unfortunately, the Right usually bows to the bullying; but not Donald J. Trump. Many Republicans accuse him of not being conservative, but he sure is courageous. Anyone who fights back against the bullies is going to offend the Left. The Schumers and their ilk have been bullying the Right for so long, they both think it’s natural." . . .Christina Jeffrey  More on this person below:

Firing of Comey like the Saturday Night Massacre? Hardly!

The Vindication of Christina Jeffrey

Dec, 1995: Much more in depth on Ms. Jeffrey here. 
The two parties have deep roots in this sort of thing.

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