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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hey, California, Ready To Spend $400 Billion For Your Single-Payer Disaster?

"Californians need to wake up to the fact that they've put the most far-left state government in American history into power, and will soon pay dearly for it." . . .

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Investors.com  "CaliCare: California's so-called progressive Democrats, fresh off their classy "flipping off" of Donald Trump at their state convention, now want to flip off the entire state by imposing a reckless, economy-destroying single-payer health care system on the state's citizens. If voters don't stop this madness they'll get what they deserve.

"A study by the Senate Appropriations Committee of the state legislature found that a proposed single-payer system would cost $400 billion a year — more than twice the state's current bloated budget of $182 billion. To say that it would be the fiscal and economic ruin of California is an understatement.

" 'As the Sacramento Bee notes, half the tab would come in the form of a new tax of about 15% on all earned income. That's in addition to the 13%-plus state income tax already levied on Californians. That would still leave as much as $100 billion in new spending that would have to be paid for somehow. No doubt, they'll go after businesses for that.

" 'The state has already lost millions of residents and thousands of businesses because of its excessive taxation and onerous regulations. The ruinous taxation from single-payer health care would lead to a mass exodus of companies and what remains of the once-thriving middle class. Californians need to wake up to the fact that they've put the most far-left state government in American history into power, and will soon pay dearly for it." . . .

Want Single-Payer, California? Go for It!  . . . "Everybody else has to pay it for them. That’s why $400 billion isn’t gonna be enough. What do you think a 15% payroll tax is gonna do to job creation in California? What’s gonna happen to the California economy? They’re not even thinking of that. They’re just thinking about how wonderful it sounds to promote single payer, and they think that at $400 billion, they should do it. They also have a plan for a fast train (I forget the term they use for it) from LA to San Francisco. That’s $64 billion for the super-fast train, now $400 billion for state-run single payer, and the California budget at present maxes out at $180 billion.

"And the only mechanism they have is new taxes. A payroll tax of 15%, they say, would cover it. And if you analyze that, the only… A static analysis might give you somewhere… But there’s no way that people are gonna pay that. If there’s a 15% payroll tax, what do you think businesses are gonna do? They’re gonna let people off. That’s just unacceptable. That’s 15% on top of what the federal is! I mean, it’s absurd, and yet they’re dead serious about it. I hope it happens. I hope they actually move on this. I hope there is public action on this that the American people are able to witness."

Ca State representative supports free medical care for illegal residents
The actual story here.
. . . “ 'Doctors and hospitals would no longer need to negotiate rates and deal with insurance companies to seek reimbursement,” Lara said."Insurance groups, health plans and Kaiser Permanente are against the bill. Industry representatives say California should focus on improving the Affordable Care Act. Business groups, including the California Chamber of Commerce, have deemed the bill a “job-killer.”“ 'A single-payer system is massively, if not prohibitively expensive,” said Nick Louizos, vice president of legislative affairs for the California Association of Health Plans.“ 'It will cost employers and taxpayers billions of dollars and result in significant loss of jobs in the state,” the Chamber of Commerce said in its opposition letter." . . .

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