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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What A CNN Guest Let Slip While Talking About Manchester Bombing

Robert Rich

Viewers Horrified by What CNN Guest Let Slip While Talking About Manchester Bombing

"The left has been doing everything in their power to cover up the fact that the Manchester bombing was an act of Islamic terrorism. However, things most recently took an absurd turn as a guest on CNN let a dark secret slip while talking about the tragedy on live television – and viewers were left horrified by just 5 disturbing words.
"Daily Caller reports that the incident took place during Anderson Cooper’s AC360 when CNN terror analyst Paul Cruickshank was invited to speak on the attack in England. Although the rest of the world knows that the vile bombing was carried out by a Muslim man named Salman Abedi and that ISIS has claimed responsibility, apparently this isn’t good enough for Cruickshank.

In fact, he used his platform to suggest the unfathomable and managed to tick off a few viewers in the process. According to BizPac Review, viewers were left horrified as the moron let just 5 words slip, saying that the bombing could actually be a “right wing false-flag plot.' ” . . .

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