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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Muslim and Sikh taxi drivers offered free lifts to people affected by Manchester terror attack as community comes together

UK Mirror  "Muslim and Sikh taxi drivers have been praised on social media after offering their services to help victims, friends and relatives caught up in the Manchester attacks. 

"Twitter users were quick to jump to the defence of the city's Muslim community after some have sought to link the attack in Islam."

Manchester taxi driver AJ Singh,a Sikh, was among the generous cabbies helping people out
"One Twitter user wrote: "Last night, while my aunty was frantically searching Manchester for my friend and her cousin, a MUSLIM taxi driver took her to find them."
"Another added: "The taxi driver I saw at around 1am offering free rides at a police cordon a few hundred yards from Manchester Arena was a Muslim." . . .
More on this here.  This post has much to say to those who think Sikhs are Muslim, in some cases exacting revenge on them for Muslim attacks:
"The only problem was that Cosmo knew that the man in the photo is Sikh, not Muslim, and broke journalism’s code of ethics to fool millions."
A Sikh
While Cosmo might downplay their lie as a simple misunderstanding, it’s safe to say that they relied on the fact that most Westerners cannot distinguish the differences between Sikh and Muslim physicalities. While both often wear turbans, a Sikh’s headwrap always comes to an upward “point in the front.” This wrap conceals their hair, which typically remains uncut. Of course, the most crucial difference between Sikhism and Islam is their religious fundamentals. While Sikhism is relatively passive unless defending the innocent, Islam is compulsory in its violent offensive commands. With over 100 scriptures mandating violence, persecution, rape, slavery, and slaughter, Islam is without a doubt, inherently barbaric.
Although Sikhs practice incredible restraint by benevolently offering Muslims respect and tolerance, many understand Islam’s oppressive history and brutal nature. This is why a rebranding of Sikhs as Muslims is highly offensive — and why wouldn’t it be?

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