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Friday, June 2, 2017

A severed head is a sign of spreading Trump Derangement Syndrome

Hillary Clinton let it rip onstage at a tech conference in California Tuesday where she refused to take any blame for her election loss to Trump in November. She’s clearly still on the warpath. Hillary Clinton just posted a photo online of her holding up the severed head of her campaign pollster. Comedian Argus Hamilton
Washington Times  . . . "After nearly 24 hours of public outcry, CNN finally cut ties with Ms. Griffin, who co-hosts their painfully awkward annual New Year’s Eve telecast.

"Outrageous language has been escalating for weeks. What began with a sexually explicit and vulgar on-air “joke” by CBS late night host Stephen Colbert led to Ms. Griffin’s provocative outburst. Each unbelievable lashing out aims to outdo its predecessor.
"I would hope all sane Americans can agree that Kathy Griffin’s despicable act was indefensible.
"Mr. Trump revealed on social media that the image upset his young son Barron, as it must have also bothered the young children of the president’s older children. Ms. Griffin thought she was being funny, which her career has shown is never the case. But more than that, she intended to galvanize the angry Left, which has consistently targeted, delegitimized and attacked this president in ways this country has never seen.
"Conservatives were deeply troubled by President Obama’s march toward European-style socialism, with big-government policies, unconstitutional actions and stifling regulations. But I don’t recall images of his severed head being shared by celebrities." . . .

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