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Friday, June 2, 2017

Boo Hoo, Kathy “ISIS” Griffin Plays Victim During Presser While Promising to Attack Trump

Saving the Republic  "Well at last Kathy Griffin held a presser today with, Gloria Allred’s offspring, Lisa Bloom over how she is the victim after her ISIS beheading style Trump photo shoot. Yes America that’s right the wrongdoer, the person who crossed the line in all of this is apparently the victim. She is so distraught from this PREMEDITATED PR stunt (more on that in a second) she said“I don’t think I will have a career after this. I’m going to be honest, he [Trump] broke me.”
"Griffin is even promising to attack Trump more, which means more hell coming her way. Also take note all the shots she takes at white people, what’s that all about?
"Boo hoo Kathy, ya know what? We’re GLAD you won’t have a career after this and have been broken. That said, please spare the crocodile tears seeing that you planned all of this out you lying fraud!" . . .
Bloody Head Update: The Kathy Griffin Press Conference  . . . "Conclusion: The press conference was a promotional stunt, designed to make Griffin look sympathetic and minimize the harm to her career. I would call it dishonest, but this was so transparent that it can’t qualify as a genuine effort to deceive. It’s show biz, after all. Donald Trump should understand that better than anybody."

Update by Comedian Argus Hamilton:  "The White Privilege Conference just had its eighteenth annual meeting in Kansas City, hosting thousands of educators. Its target is our presumed sense of entitlement. White guys must be pretty much all alike because when I saw Kathy Griffin’s last stand-up comedy show, I laughed my head off."

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