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Friday, June 2, 2017

Ethics Verdict: Hillary Clinton Is The Worst Loser In US Presidential History (PART II)

Ethics Alarms    You read PART I here.

. . . "Nonetheless, she is throwing around alternative facts like confetti. The news media was biased against her. “Voter suppression” cost her Wisconsin. My personal favorite was when she gave the cheering, indoctrinated Wellesley fems the alternative history that Richard Nixon was impeached. No, Hillary, your husband was impeached. Nixon had the requisite respect for the office to resign.
. . . 
"Being a bad loser isn’t just bad sportsmanship. It is disrespectful, unfair, irresponsible and constitutes a Golden Rule breach; it is ungracious, petty and mean. For a defeated Presidential candidate, however, it is far worse, Clinton’s brand of blame-casting and accusations undermines public trust, weakens our institutions and divides the public, society and the country, Clinton’s supporters look to her for guidance regarding how to act, and she is guiding them unethically, to behave unethically.
"It is true that President trump is also, by far, the worst winner our Presidential history has ever seen. He has gloated and preened and crowed, in part because he is wounded that the news media has not given him what he believes should be proper credit for his amazing upset. A poor winner, however only hurts himself. Clinton is harming the country to spare herself the pain of accepting accountability for her own defeat."

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